'Fertilome' Ultimate Potting Mix


The Ultimate Potting Mix is perfect for planting: 

Shrubs, Flowers, Tropicals, Containers, Vegetables, Houseplants, Hanging Baskets  ~ for both Indoor & Outdoor 

  Available in Large 50 Qt., 25 Qt., 8 Qt. 

Vital Earth Premium Potting Soil


 A special Potting Soil blend of peat moss,  pine bark, compost and perlite. An all purpose interior/exterior potting soil. 

Organic Potting Mix


Ferti-lome Organic Potting Mix -  with Mycorrhizae, worm castings, humic acids, slow release organic fertilizer.  Perfect for Organic Gardening, Planters borth indoor and out !!  

** Omri Listed


Versatile Soils

Orchid Potting Soil


 Orchid Mix is a blend of sphagnum peat chunks, red fir bark,
hardwood charcoal, and volcanic lava rock combined to create an
environment that will prevent the roots from being kept too wet while
providing humidity. Excellent drainage and secure anchoring for the
roots makes this long-lasting mix ideal for your orchids. 

Cactus Soil


 Ferti-lome Cactus Mix is a real stand-out for versatility. This coarse mix with granite sand and extra perlite, duplicates conditions found in an arid environment. This heavy weight potting mix performs well under low water application. 

Seed & Cutting Soil


 Seed & Cutting Mix is a fine milled lightweight soil formula, including black peat and fine perlite, that optimizes germination conditions. The sphagnum peat blend with wetting agent provides an excellent balance between moisture retention and air capacity to prevent root disease while promoting efficient rooting. The ideal starter formula for germination seeds and rooting leaf, stem, and root cuttings. 



 Perlite is a mineral which is super-heated and pops like popcorn. These lightweight particles increases aeration and decreases water-holding when incorporated into soil. 

* Available in Large 3 Cu. Bags 



 Vermiculite is the mineral Mica, super-heated to expand much like a accordion. This mineral is often used in soil mixes to increase water holding. 

* Available in Large 3 Cu. Bags 



 Charcoal acts as a filter to absorb impurities in water and improve air quality. It is excellent as a layer in the bottom of containers and in terrariums where water may pool. Charcoal also can help absorb impurities in fertilizer.