Fall is the Perfect time to Plant ...... Huge Shrub Sale !!

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For over 39 years we have been dedicated to serving North Texas, and Southern Oklahoma with exceptional Plant Material & Products  to help make your Home and Garden Beautiful.    

Staffed with Texas Nursery Certified Professionals, and Dedicated Personal ~  We will be more than happy to help with all your gardening needs.       HOPE TO SEE YOU !! IN 

Fall is a Great Time to Plant

 Our Annual Fall Shrub Sale  ~ 

Thursday September 13, 2018 ~ Saturday September 29, 2018 !!  

Join us this Fall for Educational & Fun Seminars

Now is the Time for Fall Pre-Emergents

Pre - Emergents !!

Stop the weed Seeds BROFRE they germinate.     Pre-Emergent Herbicide is a weed killer that is applied BEFORE the weed seeds germinate & prevents weed seeds from sprouting by forming a layer of protection that kills the small seedlings before they germinate to become weeds !! 

If you want full weed prevention, you must make two (2) passes over your lawn to put out the two types of weedkillers.  DO NOT mix the fertilizers together ... you must make 2 separate passes.  

* Do not apply pre-emergents where you intend to Overseed your lawn with Ryegrass, Sow Wildflower Seeds, OR  New Lawns.


 Apply: DIMENSION ~  'Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper' Containing Dimension to prevent: Grassy Weeds such as Annual Bluegrass, Rescuegrass, Ryegrass,  


> Apply:  GALLERY ~  to prevent:  Broadleaf Weeds such as Dandelions, Henbit, Clovers, Chickweed and more. 

Twin Oaks Fertilizer

Twin Oaks Fertilizer specifically blended for our Area ~ North Texas & Southern Oklahoma !!

A healthy Lawn & Landscape are much easier to maintain and enjoy, and Twin Oaks Fertilizers are a great way to start.  They have the right analysis and the right essential trace elements for our area .... Not fount in most other fertilizers !! 

* Apply to: Lawns,  Shrubs, Trees 

21-0-14 ~Premium Lawn & Turf Food

50% Slow Release Nitrogen plus Iron and Trace Elements ... a Favorite for 35 years !! 

16-0-8 ~ Premium Lawn & Turf Food

20 % Slow Release Nitrogen, Plus Iron and Trace Elements 

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