Twin Oaks Nursery own Brand of Fertilizer is specially made for North Texas & Southern Oklahoma  

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Organics / Eco Friendly

 Twin Oaks Nursery carries a huge line of Organic Solutions ~ Safe for you & Safe for the enviroment  

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Soil Amendments & Soils

 Great Gardens start from the ground up, and great soil is the most important component in successful gardening.  

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Mulch ~ The Frosting on the Cake !! 

Mulch Varieties


When you want to know whats "Bugging" your Landscape .... the Experts at Twin Oaks Nursery can help I. D. the problem, and offer both Synthetic or Organic Products .... The Right Product for the Problem. 

Insect ID


Twin Oaks Nursery will give you expert Advise on  Weed I. D., and viable solutions ~ Both Synthetics or Organics.

Weed I.D.'s